Open Piano For Refugees

Everyone is welcome to play. Everyone is welcome to listen. 

Our goal is to bring people from all walks of life together by placing freely accessible grand pianos in public spaces. Places of encounter emerge where language and words become unnecessary. The project aims to enhance the social participation of refugees and strengthens the social bond in society as a whole. 

A musical instrument becomes an instrument of integration. 

We coordinate buildup and dismantling, weather protection, permits, piano transport, continuous supervision and playing of the pianos, as well as the organization of concerts at the locations. Generated donations are invested in our social school DoReMi.

Doremi – The Social Music SCHOOL

In December 2016, we started teaching piano to almost 20 refugees in Vienna for free in the “Piano School for Refugees”, as it was called at the time. Refugees should be able to play on the Open Pianos and soon take care of the Open Piano locations to earn some pocket money. Lessons at the MZW – ‘Musisches Zentrum Wien’ were a success and inspiration for more to come. The big motivation of all people people involved and therefore the potential of the project was undeniable.

As a result in 2018 we founded “DoReMi – the social music school”.

Here we offer music classes in pair lessons for refugees and socially disadvantaged people paired up with people being socioeconomically more fortunate and mostly German-speaking. Sustainable integration and appreciation of cultural diversity are promoted through an innovative “Pay as much as you can” concept while enjoying music classes together. Some refugees / migrants and socially disadvantaged people are also teachers of oriental instruments, in addition to the classes of piano, guitar, singing, an integrative choir and other instruments we offer. At the moment, we are proud of being able to teach around 180 students (the majority of them refugees and socially disadvantaged people with and without a migration background).

Concert Facilitation

Are you still looking for the right live or background music for an event? 

Economic integration is a crucial part in order to fully participate in a society. Besides the possibilities of being teacher at our music institute and taking care of our open piano locations we try to provide refugee musicians with concert opportunities. Thereby we enable them to use their creative potential for a fee and to take further steps towards successful integration. We offer passionate and experienced concert musicians on many instruments. So in case you need the right music and atmosphere for your event and want to support a good cause, we might be what you are looking for. Contact us. 

Social Impact Report

Our first impact report is here! Here you can read more about our activities, our impact, hurdles, highlights and visions for the future.

Download now:

Our Team

Udo Felizeter

Co-Founder/Man for Everything

Udo has a truly positive impact in all areas of the organization. He plans, coordinates and is literally in seventh heaven with new ideas. With his calming ways, he takes care of the overall organization and supports with his many years of experience, wherever “udosche” help is needed.

Omar Altayi

The Prudent One

Omar is known to many for years as a fun-loving, engaging and open-minded host with finesse on the keyboard. Finally, he has got his many talents involved in the organization and, in addition to perfectly running the Open Piano events, he mainly ensures the smooth operation of DoReMi.

Damion Lee

The Bombastic One

Damion is bursting with energy, wit and motivation. With Vienna’s widest grin on his face and his charm, he nurtures and cares for our social media community, edits numerous very valuable videos and organizes Open Piano events. He also proves to be a born entertainer on the piano.

Johanna Thiemann

The Magical One

Johanna shakes new aces out of her sleeve every week and enchants with her self-organization, her talent for websites and her eye for aesthetics. She is full of energy, directs the Open Piano agendas like a symphony orchestra and ensures order within the organization with her calmness.

Nico Schwendinger

Co-Founder/Man for the Rough

From the very beginning, Nico was fully involved right from the first idea. He takes care of legal matters, finances, funding, Open Piano locations and the development of new business areas. He now focuses on looking at the big picture, but is also happy to host our Open Piano events from time to time.

Barbara Plank

Co-Founder/Woman for Details

Our cheerful nature played a decisive role in the development of the music school and ensures that the operation of DoReMi runs smoothly. She has an eye for the sustainable development of the organization and for details, such as in communication with teachers. Her happy nature is particularly evident in the Open Piano support.

Our Piano Hosts

Media & Press

Contact & Requests

+ 43 670 558 0388
[email protected]
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Photos & Logos

In our Media-kit you will find press information and selected photos of our Open Piano events, our music school and our logos in print quality.



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